Our Mission

ProSonics is an Audio and Lighting consulting firm specializing in the design, specification, supply and installation of Pro Audio, Theatrical Lighting and Effects, and Architectural Acoustics.Our projects range from supplying individual pieces of equipment to the design, supply and installation of complete sound systems for churches and auditoriums. ProSonics specializes in churches, schools, gymnasiums, auditoriums and theatres. We have also done work in recording studios, music and rehearsal rooms, private offices, and corporate boardrooms.

Years ago, the founder of ProSonics, while working for another audio firm, recognised that many churches, schools, and other organisations were not being well served by other so-called “music stores” or sound system suppliers. Organisations without an in-house expertise in pro audio, broadcasting or theatrical fields were often making large capital purchase decisions with little or no understanding of what they were buying, nor why they needed it. These clients would often install a big system only to come back a year or two later for “whizz-bang upgrade #1” because they were not satisfied with the performance they were getting. Sadly, they still often did not get it after their expensive upgrade, neither. Clients coming into the store because their “sound system was lousy” were sold a great package of new gear, with little or no attention paid to the client’s needs, plans, nor, sadly, to the room acoustics where it was all going to be used. Our founder recognised very clearly that the room’s acoustics were to blame for many of the “lousy sound system” problems he was seeing.

As a professional engineer, Dave couldn’t ethically be a part of such poor system design, nor could he in good conscience sell a system he knew wouldn’t do the job just to sell an upgrade later. Dave left the other firm and started ProSonics, where he could do quality system design, ensuring the client is fully informed of what they’re getting, and sleep well at night knowing his conscience is clear and his ethics intact.

ProSonics will take the time to fully understand your needs and plans before specifying a system for you. If you ever need “Whizz-bang upgrade #1” you’ll know it up front, and why you’ll need it! We’ll look at your room and listen to the acoustics and will advise you about that, too. You wouldn’t put $40,000 of high-end home theatre gear into your home furnace room, so why would you put $40,000 of professional sound gear into a reverberant concrete box gym? We have gone into some rooms, fixed the room acoustics, and left the sound system alone - cheaper than the sound system upgrade that was thought to be necessary!

Our Guarantee

ProSonics guarantees the performance of every system and acoustic treatment we design and install. All system designs are thoroughly mathematically modelled for performance in your application. Systems are assembled from professional grade equipment, and from many manufacturers, to match your needs and budget. We’ll even assemble systems using products we’re not dealers for - getting them from other retailers for your project. Full manufacturer’s warranties will still apply. We want to offer you one-stop service for your project. Ask us how we can make your next project easier and more successful!

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